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Project Information

  • Project Name : Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Lahore
  • Category : Education
  • Client : BISE
  • Complete Date : 02 February 2023

Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Lahore

Optimizing Printing Infrastructure for Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Lahore

Client Overview:

  The Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (BISE), Lahore, is a prominent educational institution responsible for conducting examinations and managing academic affairs for intermediate and secondary-level students in Lahore, Pakistan. BISE Lahore is committed to excellence in education and administration and is crucial in shaping the region’s academic landscape.

  Project Details:

  • Client: Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Lahore
  • Date of Engagement: 2nd February 2023


  BISE Lahore faced difficulties in maintaining its extensive printing infrastructure. The existing printers required regular maintenance and replacement of essential components such as maintenance kits, fusers, and toner cartridges. Failure to address these maintenance needs promptly could result in printing disruptions, affecting crucial administrative tasks such as examination paper printing and result preparation.

Solution Provided:

  PAKO Computers, a trusted IT solutions provider, collaborated with BISE Lahore to address their printing infrastructure requirements by understanding the importance of maintaining reliable printing equipment for administrative operations, PAKO Computers recommended a comprehensive solution that included:

  1. Maintenance Kits and Fuser Kits: PAKO Computers supplied maintenance kits and fuser kits compatible with various HP printer models used by BISE Lahore. These kits included essential components for maintaining optimal printer performance and extending the printers’ lifespans.
  2. Toner Cartridges: PAKO Computers provided a range of genuine HP toner cartridges tailored to the specific printer models deployed at BISE Lahore. These toner cartridges ensured consistent print quality and reliability, enabling smooth printing operations for administrative tasks.


PAKO Computers systematically implemented the printing infrastructure maintenance solution in coordination with BISE Lahore’s IT team. The maintenance kits, fuser kits, and toner cartridges were installed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

Results and Benefits:

The deployment of the comprehensive printing infrastructure maintenance solution brought several benefits to BISE Lahore:

  1. Enhanced Printing Reliability: The HP LaserJet Pro printers provide reliable and high-quality printing, reduce downtime and ensuring smooth operations during critical tasks such as printing examination papers and results.
  2. Improved Computing Performance: The latest desktop computers equipped with 12th Generation Intel Core i7 processors improved the efficiency and productivity of staff members, allowing them to perform their administrative tasks effectively.
  3. Cost Savings and Longevity: By investing in genuine toner cartridges and high-quality desktop computers, BISE Lahore reduced maintenance costs and prolonged the lifespan of its printing and computing equipment, leading to long-term cost savings.


 The partnership between the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore, Punjab and PAKO Computers exemplifies the importance of investing in reliable and efficient technology solutions to support educational institutions’ operations. By deploying HP LaserJet Pro printers and the latest desktop computers, BISE Lahore has enhanced its administrative efficiency, reliability, and productivity, benefiting students, teachers, and staff.

This case study highlights PAKO Computers’ commitment to providing tailored IT solutions to meet the unique needs of its clients, reinforcing its reputation as a trusted partner in the realm of technology.